Monday, August 18, 2008

Take care of your permanent home


Dallas Forth Worth has about four Cemeteries located in the Cities of Denton, Arlington, Fort Worth and Richardson. These cemeteries are available to all Muslims.

The one in Denton is exclusively a Muslim Cemetery where as the one in Richardson and Arlington are dedicated part of a larger Cemetery. I am yet to learn about the one in Fort Worth, please feel free to update us in the comments section below. Let us know if there are more.

The management of the "Muslim Cemetery (Denton)" has worked on a beautiful plan to make the place a pleasant one to go to whenever we go there bury our loved ones. It needs side walks, clearing up grass etc, trees, gardens, rest room etc. I have seen the blue prints and it is certainly a good plan.

Indeed, if we do go there for good, we get to sleep in our own patch, each one of us will own a piece of that land for eternity. It is a permanent home! You and I may not have a chance to go on our own, but certainly we will be taken there one day, let's make that place worth living while we are alive.

Under the leadership of Brother Irfan Ali, efforts are being made to create awareness and support from the community. Please visit the web site and donate the funds, details are at: you can reach Irfan Ali Bhai at (940) 565-1723.

Shame on us for not realizing the importance of it, until one of our own makes it home there. I am as guilty about it as any one of you could be.

Mike Ghouse

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