Sunday, December 28, 2008

Gaza Solutions

The Gaza Solutions
Mike Ghouse,
Saturday, December 27, 2008

The world sympathized with Israel for the rockets they endured in their backyards, but when they get on the revenge bandwagon and indiscriminately kill, they lose sympathy. The oppressed ones all around the world including the majority of Israelis and Jews feel the pain of this violence, it flies in the face of our continued efforts to stop massacres, it is time for all of us to speak up. This is not the act of peace making; this is the act of destroying a people.

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Reflections on Holocaust and Genocides -II

Reflections on Holocaust and Genocides
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We cannot complain if we do not participate. I am sure each one of you has discovered the difficulties of being in public or doing a public event.

I. Communications

Those of us who are activist are so focused on the suffering of the Palestinians that we miss seeing the solutions. Solutions lie not in rhetoric but doing things and taking the steps and having a plan. Almost all criticism on this issue stems from not READING the material and shooting from the hip. We all have to improve on it. Please read the press release again and pay attention to the logo, and then they will understand. If one does not get it from these two, then we should focus with those who understand the larger vision and completely ignore the ranting.

II. Diversion

The Bush regime is nearly successful in placing a wedge between PA and Hamas, instead of streamlining their efforts to secure a homeland for all Palestinians, they are fighting each other. The Neocons really don’t give a rat’s xxs about Israelis and Palestinians, they just keep creating chaos, have you seen any good come out of their policies in the last sixty years? I hope Obama will genuinely bring goodness to both the people. In this program we are doing to reflect upon Holocaust and Genocides, a few Muslims are doing the same, diversions – if only they read; Genocides include all of them. Has any one figured out the pictures in the logo? They need to, to at least have the knowledge of the problem about Palestinians.

III. Wisdom

We need to employ different methods to bring justice to the Palestinians and Israelis; there are as many Israelis who want peace as the Palestinians and the people from across the world, Muslim or not. Different approaches are being taken towards achieving peace. The opposers are just a few and they unleash diversions and temptations to get the good work off from happening. Insha Allah, may Allah keep me committed to peace through commitment and work and help me not fall to the diversion temptations of the few.

My approach is to bring the ignored problems as a parcel of other problems; it is an approach that may place at least a little dent. A little dent here and there adds up. We just cannot have benefit to ourselves, they will not last long, what is good for us has to be good for others for it to sustain. Justice will always last longer than injustice.

IV. Meanness

I opened a blog and some extremist from either Jewish or Muslim community or both have reported it as spam – more specifically hate content. There is none there; it will take a few days to remove the blockade of this blog. So I jumped immediately and opened a page on the existing website and linked to

The extremists obviously do not have the intelligence to read; the extremist may have thought that adding Genocides to the title will dilute the misery of Holocaust that has been exclusive for 60 years. The Majority of Jews want to bring a closure and want to bring justice to the situation. Take it from me, the Arab Governments or the so called Islamic countries have not gathered up guts or have the wisdom to take bold steps to solve this problem yet, but the Jews will, they did it in Bosnia saving thousands of Muslim lives and they would do it again in Darfur and God willing they will bring a resolution to the Palestinian problem with or without Muslims.

The extremist among us may have thought that the Palestinian issue was ignored. The dummy did not see it in the logo nor read it that it is an all inclusive issue. The majority of Good Muslims see the need to take an inclusive approach, the first step of it would be to sincerely and honestly understand the suffering, build a solid relationship based on humanness of us. There are enough Muslims out there who are sick of the 60 years of ranting with no results. It is time to let each one work their system. Insha Allah, we can work our system and leave it to Allah for the success or failure of it.

V. Solutions

I sincerely hope the Muslims and Jews quit stereotyping each other. Both the groups have same percent of extremists and 98% of good people. All of us have to work together for the goodness of all.

The Palestinians need peace and hope, and the Israelis need security, both are achievable and it may take a few more years to get there. Justice will ultimately prevail and both people deserve and want it. It is time to go work and quit giving lip sympathy to Palestinians and instead do the real work, however tiny it may be.

Mike Ghouse

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas - Kwanza - Zartosht Diso - Muharram - Yalda

December Festivals: Christmas - Kwanza - Zartosht Diso - Muharram - Yalda
Summary of other Festivals of December in the link at the bottom of this page
"If your festival is missing, please share it with me and my world of friends"

Let's learn a little bit about our friends, neighbors and co-workers, and how they commemorate or celebrate their lives. Friendship is an amazing thing, it takes time to know, but when you do, a lot of myths about others disappear - and you find an amazing peace within you for knowing some one from some group, whom you thought otherwise..oh well, you got it. I have compiled, borrowed and added a few notes to learn and share about the following festivals and commemorations. It is not perfect but selected for a lay person to grasp it. For example the write up about Zartosht no-deso is very elementary to Zoroastrians but meaningful to others.

Please join us to reflect upon the Holocaust and Genocides. Let's make room in our hearts for the precious feelings for human helplessness. Kindly mark your calendars for 7:00 - 9:15 PM on Saturday, January 24th, 2009. Details at: or try .org

Click here to read the details of the festivals listed above:

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dallas Masjid leadership criticized

Islamic Association of North Texas (IANT) criticized.

The IANT Board Members have expressed their dissappointment in a letter signed (CLICK HERE TO SEE THE LETTER) by several current and past members "It is painful to watch the split of the community on the issue of IQA School ”. The following article appeared in "my Crescent" magazine today.

When Aswad had to be reinstated at Kaaba, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) set the model of peacemaking through conflict reduction and nurturing goodwill, as an example for us to follow. He asked leader of every tribe to participate, and come together for goodwill and lift Aswad up and set it in the wall.

Indeed, to be a Muslim is to be a mitigator of conflicts and nurturer of goodwill. Given the situation, we need to resolutely refrain from finger pointing at any one. No one should dig in their heels and defend their positions; we should not put any one through that. The time now is simply to come together, set the priorities and work on achieving them.

Please ask people to find the truth first hand before they share it with any one, let the rumor stop at you, it is the Muslim thing to do.

I would urge every Muslim to write goodwill notes here and find solutions in the comment section of the Crescent without blaming any one, and kindly remember that your solution is one of the 99 possibilities, rejection of your idea should be taken with pleasantness and not sourness.

Jazak Allah Khair

Mike Ghouse

Community Elders Criticize IANT Board

( RICHARDSON , TX ) The issue of proper management, transparency and especially handling the Islamic school by the Board Of Directors (BOD) and the Board Of Trustees (BOT) was raised in an open letter to the community. The leadership of Islamic Association of North Texas (IANT) has been under scrutiny since July this year over cutbacks in quality of area’s unique and emerging Islamic School.

“We cannot keep on witnessing the slow deterioration of our organization IANT and the community we have built and nurtured for so long. It is painful to watch the split of the community on the issue of IQA School ”, the letter says. Signed by community elders and former board members, this is an attempt to inform the community in general and bring the issue out of meeting rooms.

In an election forum for the board members at IANT, IQA and current board’s overall performance and bringing change were the key issues. “I really feel our community is ready for change”, said former BOT president Jamal Gharbieh.

Abdullah MacKay who is running to serve as a BOD pointed out that the current board has failed to step up and show leadership. “We need to have clearly defined concrete goals”, he said. “Need to establish a proper system to achieve these goals in five, ten and fifteen years. Board members should be elected to fulfill these goals not to change direction every two years”.

Incumbent Anwar Taufeeq defended their performance and decision of making several cut backs at IQA. “We have to walk within our means”, he said. “We cannot be lavish while compromising the basic needs” he added.


But parents and several community members strongly disagree with board’s performance and question their leadership. Over 55 students have withdrawn from the school. “Many angry parents have left the program of their dreams for their children, the school staff is confused about their future and jobs”, the letter says. “The Imam is unhappy for his vision being diluted and we, the seniors and legal advisor, are frustrated for being ignored upon providing solutions for these issues”.

Nia MacKay who is running for the board mainly to revive dwindling women’s programs at IANT said that “we have to uphold the mission of IANT and serve the community. At present there is unclear hierarchy and unclear rules of the game (so things don’t get done)”. She added that conflict in the community creates when people don’t do their jobs.

The open letter is asking the community to join the efforts in resolving this conflict. “We ask you to please investigate the above and do not let this community be divided.” The letter is signed by former BOT members Mohammed Suleman, M. Al-Amin, Jamal Gharbieh, Tariq Yoonas, Gulam Bakali, Asif Syed, Ashfaq A. Rasheed, Ibrahim Hamideh, IANT’s legal counsel Attorney Khalid Hamideh and Fiazan Khan.

(IANT current board did not respond to requests by The Lone Star Crescent earlier about their decisions for IQA. The Lone Star Crescent will welcome their response and would like to give them opportunity to present their side of the story)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Essence of Eid-al-Adha - A Muslim Festival on Monday

The Essence of Eid-al-Adha - A Muslim Festival on Monday

Eid-al-Adha is also known as Hajj or Bakrid (variations listed below) if you wish to greet Muslims on this day you may say Happy Eid or Eid Mubarak. Eid is festivity. At the end of the annual pilgrimage to Mecca, known as Hajj, Muslims throughout the world celebrate the holiday of Eid-al-Adha (Festival of Sacrifice). This year, Eid-al-Adha will be celebrated on Monday, December 8, 2008. It is about remembering and commemorating the trials and triumphs of Prophet Abraham.

A parent would risk his or her life to protect the child. People in love have the passion to value their beloved's life and are willing to get the bullet and save the life, they are willing to rescue her or him from the freezing lake risking their own life, even strangers do that. It is the willingness to put the life of the loved one’ above one’s own life. Every day our Police officers risk their own lives to protect ours, the firemen and women risk their lives to save a child, a pet or an aged person from a fire; and every day our soldiers put their lives at risk to save fellow soldiers and to save our freedom. Eid-al-Adha is a tradition started by Prophet Abraham.


Scream Bloody Murder, reflections on Holocaust and Genocides

Scream Bloody Murder, reflections on Holocaust and Genocides

You feel angry knowing that the world stood by silently when the Jews were put on the train to the gas chambers; you feel anger when the Bosnian Muslims children were given chocolates and told not to worry and go right behind and open gunfire and massacre them; you feel anger when the Canadian general sends faxes upon faxes to the United Nations to send help, while the UN and USA did not want to get involved and 800,000 Rwandans were massacred, they were even announcing on their radio how to torture pregnant women to pull out the babies… It was a difficult documentary to watch, but you must watch and face the world; you have to do your share to clean your own slate of conscience.