Friday, April 18, 2008

06-14-08 : Conference on Domestic Violence

06-14-08 : Conference on Domestic Violence
Muslim Community Center for Human Services
& School of Social Work - University of Texas at Arlington

Domestic violence is nationwide problem and it is alarming to see the increasing number of the victims of Domestic Violence. Unfortunately problems of domestic violence in immigrant communities are more complex because of language barriers, lack of knowledge about social services, lack of familial and social support. As a result of these barriers, many immigrant women stay in abusive relationships longer and these relationships negatively affect both the victim and the children.

We recognize a dire need of education, and have plans to reach community leaders, faith based organizations, health professionals, nurses, social workers and physicians to make them aware of the unique problems faced by immigrant victims of domestic violence.

The conference is co-sponsored by UT Arlington and will be held on Saturday, June 14th, 2008 9:00 am to 4:00 pm at the University of Texas at Arlington. We are inviting national speakers, the district attorney and a judge to be key speakers at this event. We are planning to distribute educational material on Domestic Violence (70- Pages) to all the participants (mostly health professionals, counselors, community leaders and Imams.)

This is the first of its kind conference in dealing with Cross Cultural Perspective. We have representative from Hindu religion (Chetna), Jewish Religion (Toby Myers), Muslim Religion (Zanaib Alwani) and White Americans and African Americans, who are making the presentations.

Looking forward to see you.

M. Basheer Ahmed M.D.
Chairman, MCC for Human Services


University of Texas at Arlington
E.H. Hereford, University Center - Rio Grande Ball room
300 W. First St, Arlington, Texas, 76010

Saturday June 14th 2008
9:00am to 4:00pm


Domestic Violence Causes & Consequences

Cross Cultural Perspective

Effect of Domestic Violence on Children

The Law and the Domestic Violence

Treatment Strategies

Prevention - It is Community Responsibility Speakers

M. Basheer Ahmed M.D.
Former Prof. of Psychiatry, SW Medical School Dallas
Peter Lehman D.S.W.
Prof. University of Texas at Arlington

Najma Adam Ph.D.
Prof. University of Illinois , Chicago

Zainab Alwani Prof. Islamic Studies
Virginia Community College, Virginia

Judge Jamie Cummings
Tarrant County Justice Center, Fort Worth Texas

Sobha Segal
Chetna, Dallas Texas

Erin Hendricks J.D. Chief Prosecutor
Sexual Assault Unit Dallas, Texas

Physicians, social workers, nurses, educators, and other health care providers
Religious leaders, community activists and volunteers

Early Registration is strongly recommended. Registration Fee: $30
(Includes lunch, refreshments and conference material and CEU at request)

For Further information and Registration please contact:
MCC for Human Services: 817-589-9165
M. Basheer Ahmed M.D.: 817-907-6080
Ms. Talaun Thompson MSW: 817-501-5554
Ms. Nuha Almakhzoumi: 817-589-9165

Please add $20 for getting CEU
(Includes lunch, refreshments and conference material)

Name: ____________________________ Profession: _______________________

Email: ____________________________ Phone: ___________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________________

Please mail check for $30/person to “MCC for Human Services P.O. Box 152658 Arlington, TX 76015 Click here for flyer

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