Tuesday, July 7, 2009

09-04-09 : Domestic Violence Day

09-04-09 : Domestic Violence Day

In the Ramadan of 2008, Texas Muslim Women’s Foundation spearheaded an annual Domestic Violence Awareness campaign and declared the second Friday of the month of Ramadan as “Domestic Violence Awareness Day” to be observed throughout the Muslim Community of the North Texas Area.

The Imams and Community Leaders representing the diverse Islamic Institutions heeded this call and addressed the difficult issue of Domestic Violence within the Muslim Community. Khutbahs were given on domestic violence in the majority of Masajid in the Dallas Fort Worth area on that day. This First Annual Campaign held was very effective in raising the awareness in our community about this evil.

This effort was also recognized by the City of Plano and Mayor Pat Evans Saluted the Muslim Community in Plano for addressing this issue by presenting Texas Muslim Women’s Foundation with a Proclamation.

Texas Muslim Women's Foundation is again requesting that your institution observes the 2n Friday of Ramadan, Sept 4. 2009 as the 2nd annual Domestic Violence Awareness Day and that all Imams and prayer leaders of the Masajid and statewide university MSA's participate by giving a Khutbah on domestic violence during the Jummah prayers and by arranging a fundraiser on behalf of TMWF after the Jummah prayers and later, after Taraweeh prayers, the same evening.

The funds thus raised through your support, will bring the establishment and operation of the Domestic Violence Shelter one step closer.

TMWF is counting on your support in this effort, we cannot wait any longer or delay this any further, The latest incident of domestic violence in our community involving Aasiya Hasan has brought this truth to our very own door step .As a community we need to work in collaboration/partnership to make sure that incidents like this are not repeated and that all our women and families are safe in their homes, workplace and in their day to day lives.

I sincerely urge you to respond favorably to the request so that this immediate and critical need can be met.

Jazakum Allah Kul Khair

Mona Kafeel
VP Public Relations TMWF
Phone: 972-208-1284

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Uzma Shah said...

You can contact to the Muslim community center at Hamden for funding. They may help to you.